Stan Berkowitz on Season Two:  “I'm really excited about the episodes I've seen.  Some of them are huge outer space epics, like 'Twilight' and 'Hearts and Minds,' while others are smaller origin stories, like 'Tabula Rasa' and 'Only a Dream.'  We'll go deeper into most of the characters next season, heroes and villains alike; you'll learn more about John Stewart's past, Hawkgirl's unconventional belief system, and Batman's damaged psyche.  We'll even show you where J'onn J'onzz goes for the holidays.

“We've got guest heroes coming, too—Aquaman and a couple of others who've been on other shows, but not the Justice League.  And we've got new and old villains as well—among the former, Dr. Destiny, Eclipso, Despero, and AMAZO; among the latter, Luthor, Joker, Vandal Savage and, in a very emotional story, Solomon Grundy…of all people.

“It's going to be like Christmas, with each episode a different present.  Some will probably be clothes, but most will be toys (courtesy of Toon Zone).”

Bruce Timm on Batman and Wonder Woman:  “One of the most interesting things that happened last season was a little throwaway bit that we did in the end of ['The Brave and the Bold'].  Batman thought that Wonder Woman was buried under this rubble and he was frantically digging her out.  [It seemed like she was dead, but then] she got out…and saw his hands were all burned from digging her out of the rubble, so she kind of gave him this little peck on the check.  It wasn't scripted—in the storyboard stage we said this would just be a nice little bit.

“Well, the fans on the Internet went crazy. They said, ‘Wow, what's going on between Batman and Wonder Woman?’  And we're thinking, ‘There's nothing going on between Batman and Wonder Woman.’  That's what happened, [but] we looked at it and said, ‘Well, you know, maybe there could be something going on between Batman and Wonder Woman.’  So we're going to toy with it a little bit.  We don't go really deep into it, but there's definitely something kind of happening.  It's just an interesting little extra spice to the mix.  [Now], I don't want to hit it too hard because it's not a big huge romance or anything, [but] it's just a way to keep it interesting (courtesy of The Pulse).”

DarkLantern on Hawkgirl's background:  "At least two episodes in Season Two will give some insight into Hawkgirl's character [and] one of them will include some more insight on Thanagar (courtesy of Toon Zone).”

DarkLantern on the Season Two finale:  “The three-part Season Two finale will be the culmination of a subplot brewing through many Season Two episodes (courtesy of DCU Animated)."

Bruce Timm on guest stars:  “Well, there aren't too many superhero guest stars in Second Season.  We figured since we already have seven main characters any way, there are plenty of dramatic opportunities there to really let them shine.  The only guest appearances in the Second Season are Dr. Fate and Aquaman.  ['The Enemy Below'] was one of the best shows in the First Season, so we thought we should bring him back.

“Other than that, we've got some returning villains from the First Season and some other villains that never appeared in any of our shows before and some villains who have appeared in our other shows who are appearing in Justice League.  It's going to be a potpourri of new and exciting villains (courtesy of The Pulse).”

DarkLantern on guest stars:  “Some New Gods will appear in 'Twilight' (but not Barda) and the Green Lantern Corps will show up later in the season.  It won't explain John and Kyle, but will shed some interesting light on a connection with another Green Lantern.  I assume Bruce [Timm] puts these characters in a different class of guest star (courtesy of Toon Zone and DCU Animated).”

Rich Fogel on Season Two guest stars:  “We do have some great guest-stars and one temporary member, but we don't want to tip that just yet (courtesy of [website name removed]).”

Stan Berkowitz on Season Two villains:  Lots of familiar ones [will appear on Justice League], and some new ones [as well]; including Dr. Destiny, Despero, Ichthultu, Eclipso, and an android similar to Amazo (courtesy of Toon Zone)!”

DarkLantern on returning villains:  I can confirm that Luthor and the Joker will return, but not necessarily in the same episode (courtesy of Toon Zone).”

Bruce Timm on the O’s:  “When we started working out story ideas for the show, we realized that some of these guys from the old comics are just a little bit too silly for a modern audience to understand.  Everybody’s got an ‘O’ at the end of their name, Amazo, Eclipso, Despero, Starro, Kanjar Ro…for a split-second we considered pitting the JL against the All-O Squad—Amazo, Despero, Starro, Chemo, and Bizarro—but decided that was too hokey even for us…(courtesy of Toon Zone).”

Rich Fogel on Season Two #4:  "So far, we've got some terrific stories in the pipeline.  You might say [that] this is our season of 'O' villains, because we've already got stories featuring AMAZO, Despero, and Eclipso.  And we'll reintroduce on of the creepiest JL villains ever, Dr. Destiny, whose mental powers give him the ability to get inside our heroes' heads and dreams.

"Also, we'll see the return of some of Superman's most formidable villains, including Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and the biggest, baddest of them all—Darkseid.  This is the rematch everyone's been waiting for!  Plus, we've got some other surprises up our sleeves that we don't want to spoil (courtesy of [website name removed])."


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